Prospective Clients

Offshore Energy Sector Entrants:

Offshore energy sector entrants find it challenging to mobilize competent project management team and established systems and procedures to manage the complex conversion projects resulting in overblown project cost. The project team integration is further affected due to assembly of individuals from multiple sources. Even established EPCC players in the conversion business have their share of projects with significant cost and schedule overruns.

To address such situation, Deva MS provides

  • Total project management team of experienced professionals with relevant expertise in the areas of HSE, Quality, Project Controls, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Offshore installation, Hook-up and Redelivery
  • Standard systems and procedures, customized to best suit the project and aligned with client’s corporate requirements
  • Services covering engineering definition of the project, work scope development, project execution strategy, shipyard/ topside/ mooring tendering & contract finalization, execution & management of the contracts, procurement of long lead equipment, schedule/ cost/ document control and contracts close out

This will

  • Relieve Clients to focus on their core business
  • Ensure reduced project cost and value for money
  • Ensure team integrity for a systematic execution of the project


Oil Majors & EPCC companies:

Currently Oil majors & EPCC companies have a core internal team and mobilize temporary project team from multiple sources on need basis. This has resulted in

– Poaching from one company to another
– Less than optimal utilization of manpower during off-project periods
– Lack of training and skill development for the contract staff
– Risk premium of contract staff to cover for the potential off-project
– Team integration issues

To address this situation, Deva MS

  • Provides the required project based staff from its pool of resources. These resources will be retained with Deva MS during off-project period and engaged in training and skill development
  • Offers to manage the sub contracts and purchase orders of the clients, on behalf of them covering HSEQ, contracts, schedule and cost

This will

  • Simplify resource mobilization and management by client
  • Improve team integration
  • Enable quicker adaptation to company culture
  • Avoid drastic escalation of manpower costs
  • Provide continuity of employment eliminating risk premium

Product owners offering packaged solutions:

Product owners specialize in designing, developing and manufacturing their core products. These owners are required to offer modularized products to meet the market needs. They setup the project management team to handle such modularization sub contracts resulting in

– Diversion of the management focus from core strength
– Difficulties in employing the best of the project management
practices due to economies of scale

Deva MS provides

  • Integrated project management solutions covering – HSEQ, contracts, schedule and cost
  • Qualified and experienced professionals bringing in client’s perspective to work with product owners
  • Standard systems and procedures, customized to best suit the project and client’s corporate requirements

Outsourcing to Deva MS will

  • Allow client to focus on their core business
  • Lower project cost


Shipyard entering the oil energy sector:

Shipyards are interested in diversifying into Oil & Gas sector due to business cycle considerations and higher profit margins. However, they face significant entry barriers as Oil & Gas requirements are different and more stringent than conventional ship building. Also, such projects require specific customization demanding specialized project management skills and execution strategies

Deva MS offers

  • Packaged skill up-gradation enabling improved systems & procedures and documentation, successfully completing oil majors’ pre-qualification audits
  • Project management team to act as interface between the Client and Shipyard, imparting the required skills to the shipyard team

Association with Deva MS will ensures

  • Elimination of entry barriers for the shipyard, facilitating diversification
  • Improved operational systems and procedures
  • Improved skill sets